Prototype – Form.Element.Serializers[method] is not a function

A quick little tip for when you get the javascript Prototype library error

Form.Element.Serializers[method] is not a function.

When I got this error, it was because I had another element on the page with the same id. This element happened to be an anchor element. So if you get this error, make sure your id is unique on your page.

Another great tip.  Use Firebug’s breakpoints with step into feature to really see whats going on under the hood.

Prototype Javascript Library

6 Responses to “Prototype – Form.Element.Serializers[method] is not a function”

  1. Just for the record (since you’ve been googled on the exact message): It might also happen if you call $F on a non-field related element. :)

    I’ve did it, and it took a while to figure it out. Well, thats whats firebug’s for :)

  2. It looks like its more correct to say that this error occur whenever metod do not refer to a serializable element throught the id of the element passed to. Also it is unique.

  3. Aldrin is correct.
    I’ve had the same problem.

    I was trying to do a $F(‘myId’).
    However, the myId node don’t have a value.

    this of work…

    But not this…

  4. HOLY CRAP! you just saved my life! :)

  5. yeap, that helped. ty :D

  6. I love you right now. :)

    Thanks for sharing!